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Power demand  systems
SCADA/HMI software,SCADA Graphic control program,indusoft SCADA Graphic HMI,intouch HMI SCADA Graphic,infix HMI SCADA Graphic,labview HMI PMS100 Power  Energy Management Demand Controller Systems Smart Gril/high-tension distribution panel/mcc distribution panel/distribution board/Low Tension distr
FMG-J Insertion magnetic Flow Meter, measurement analysis instrument flow meter,
FMG-J Insertion-Type Electromagnetic Flow Meters  Specifications  • Smart Intelligent LCD display function  • Display Interface: English or Chinese  • Easy to Setup and install/Variety of sizes range.  • High Accuracy:±1.5% of reading(RD)  • Flow direction function: Plus or Reverse  • Alarm F
ECC100 Intelligent Building  Systems
ECC Intelligent community  systems, intelligent building system, the central monitoring system, intelligent ecology ECC ecological wisdom of the community is a community business community and community residents linked to the wisdom of community service platform, which combines the community withi

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The corporation has of production design factory more than 500 level ground in the Taiwan Taina peaceful industrial district, is one unifies by the engineering design plan, the specialized European and American date proxy service, the entire factory equipment plan is the guidance, grasps the zealous spiritual service field, provides the most advanced system regulation the technological resource, the innovation research and development system regulation design plan, the specialized processing electric power monitoring, makes the regulation monitoring, the equipment automation development design company


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